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 FEBRUARY 9+10—7:00 PM /  FEBRUARY 11—2:00 PM

Boom Tat (2023) by Elliott Trahan. Photo by Sharen Bradford.

las bandidas tambien lloran (2023) by Sofia Downing–Ortega. Photo by Sharen Bradford.

Cvjenta Vila (2023) by Weaver Rhodes. Photo by Sharen Bradford.

Our acclaimed WOOD/SHOP—New Works by Company Dancers returns to the Bruce Wood Dance Gallery!


Friday+Saturday, February 9+10 at 7:00 PM CT

Sunday, February 11 at 2:00 PM CT

Doors open one hour before each performance. Refreshments will be served. Seating is limited to 80 seats per show.


Bruce Wood Dance Gallery, 101–103 Howell St., Dallas, TX 75207. 



SETH YORK / Virgil’s Song expresses the beauty in the power of human intellect while acknowledging its limits and reaching towards the divine.


ELLIOTT TRAHAN / Something To Break The Ice. What are qualities people are attracted to? How can someone seduce someone or be seduced? Does seduction always have to be romantic?


KEVYN BUTLER / Celestial Day: Pt. III, The Dispatch explores the concept of angels in Heaven; the way they move through sky and space, the feeling of divine abilities and their descent into the earth to aid humanity. It is an embodiment of the unseen help and protection we often forget is at play within our lives.


DOMINGO ESTRADA, JR. / Play at Work is an impression of youthful gaiety and amiable synergy.


MIA ROSIN / Like Water Through a Sieve. Through this piece I strive to express loss and how we as humans reflect on loss—the loss of clarity, the loss of support, the loss of placement, the loss of certain freedoms, the loss of structure, the loss of naivety, the loss of love, the loss of life—and the impact an absence has on our reality.


MEGAN STOREY / By Prayer and Petition. This piece is my exploration into what it means to pray. Specifically, the question of whether fervent prayer can truly change the outcome, or if the story has already been written regardless of what we desire.


JAIME BORKAN / Say a Little Prayer. This piece is a fun, jazzy duet about two people enjoying themselves, each other, and the beautiful authentic bond they share. Set to music from the late 1960s with a subtle homage to the Fosse style, Say a Little Prayer is flirtatious, feisty, and allows us to reminisce on our own honeymoon kind of love.


WEAVER RHODES / Méchants Lapins. My new work is inspired by the story of Hansel and Gretel but approached in a way that adds humor and camaraderie instead of tragedy. This new work aims to show that forgiveness can be in human nature too.


COLE VERNON / Bless You is a remembrance of spring days looking through a window at the other kids playing outside, showcasing an allergy–prone individual’s yearning for inclusion. Some of us were just born this way—desperately trying to keep the sneezes in, cover them up, and hide them from our peers. “I’m not crying, I just have allergies.”


SOFIA DOWNING ORTEGA / Fools Rush In. My inspiration began through the observation of love and the polarized emotions (particularly extreme happiness or sadness) that can be felt because of loving someone. The dancers exaggerate these highs and lows with a theatrical spirit as they compete to win your approval and praise.


ALEX BROWN / She Can Do It aims to explore the many potentials of female partnering, showcasing the immense amount of strength, athleticism, and power available within a female duet.

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